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Welcome to Carolina Goth, the place for those who are goth or are interested in the events and such which are happening throughout North and South Carolina, as well as in the Augusta and Savannah GA areas since it's pretty near-by to the areas. This community is somewhere to help meet new people, get info on things to do when you visit new cities, promote events, post event pictures (as long as they are behind a lj-cut), along with anything else that may be of interest to other members of this community. I am pretty lenient on what's posted but one thing that I ask is that no community promotions should be posted unless you get the go-ahead from me (broken_prince). I am currently the only active moderator (though there is another one of us lurking in the shadows) for this community so if things get backed up every now and then due to me being out of town visiting my parents, I apologize in advance! I usually am able to check on things at least once a day even when out of town so the backups shouldn't come often or last long either way.

All that said, just remember to have fun, be safe, and above all try to keep it DRAMA FREE! It can't always be avoided, but it's usually much better if it is!

Deza Storm (broken_prince)

Other communities that may be of interest to those here are:
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Also, if ever unsure on how to do something such as a L.J. Cut, or any other LJ specific function, help is only a click away at the LiveJournal FAQs page.